Verstappen qualifies for his words and Villeneuve ditch a confrontation “ridiculous”


The contentious and controversial crossing of declarations between Max Verstappen and Jacques Villeneuve, which began to acquire dyes of yellow, may have lived his last chapter this Saturday, after both players have spoken about it without dropping much more gasoline to the fire, at least on a personal level.

After the council indirect of Villenueve to the pilot Dutch (“calm down, you’re going to kill someone”) and the response of Verstappen published by the public tv Dutch NOS (“Should take care of his language, he killed someone”), the media scrambled to find new reactions of the two involved

on the one hand, Villeneuve considers the statements of Verstappen constitute a “lack of respect” towards the family of the commissioner Graham Beveridge, who died during the Australian Grand Prix of 2001 to receive the impact of a wheel uncontrolled car of the canadian. However, the champion of the world believes that the matter has gotten out of hand, and that is not worth a war of statements.

I Made comments logical about what had happened on the track, and now it has gone too far. It is inappropriate and a lack of respect towards the family of the commissioner. There is nothing more to say on the topic, there is no confrontation to begin. It is simply ridiculous“.

Also, Villeneuve pointed directly to the environment Verstappen as the direct causes of such statements:

Obviously, someone is advising you what to say and what to think, and if it is the same person that is telling you how to pilot and how to act on the track, it is very disturbing for someone.”

as for Verstappen, this was asked in the afternoon after having finished seventh in the qualifying session. The Dutch wanted nuance the impressions gathered by US, clarifying that at no point said that Villenueve had killed someone, and that your comment on the lack of respect was due to the reference to the canadian made about cause deaths:

“To be clear, I said that talking about death was disrespectful to the families, and I was referring to the incident that occurred in 2001. But not wrote that I was referring to the family, that was disrespectful on your part (Villeneuve) to talk about deaths. I did Not speak of a “death by piloting” (sic), I said that it was a fatal accident. In the end, it was a wheel that came of a car, isn’t it?”