Verstappen rule out a victory of Red Bull… for the moment


although many analysts pointed the finger at Red Bull as the strongest candidate to dethrone Mercedes, the two weeks of pre-season test in Barcelona have cooled the mood around the team is based in Milton Keynes.

And Max Verstappen agrees, giving discarded a victory of Red Bull in the first Grand Prix of the season takes place this weekend in Melbourne. “we Still have to wait and see how good we really are. Personally, I don’t think that we can fight for victory in this moment. A lot can change during the season, but still we are not good enough to win”, said in a statement to Telegraaf.

Ferrari has grabbed the attention of the pre-season with promising times, but Verstappen does not doubt that Mercedes will not be lacking to his appointment with the victories in the 2017. “Ferrari has also been rapid in previous years, this year, however, you could say that you have taken a step forward compared to last year, certainly will fight for the victories. Mercedes will always be there, I think it is likely that you have been saved, it has been so during the last few years”.

In any case, Verstappen believes that, although there will be a lot of work to get it, Red Bull will be able to join the duo of candidates to victories in a recovery similar to that achieved in 2016. “At this time, I think that both Ferrari as Mercedes are ahead of us, but I hope that we will be able to pick up the pace, like last year. We can do better this year, but we need to work hard to achieve it”.