Verstappen talks about the RB13: “We are very happy”


The first week of test is always a time of uncertainty for the teams and drivers, that you finally discover the result of several months of work. And, judging by the statements of Max Verstappen, Red Bull may be pleased with the performance of RB13.

So at least says the pilot of Dutch, which highlights the large number of miles accumulated by the new car and the good adaptation that has had the same. “For us it has been very positive, we have done many miles and also I have been able to get used to working out how to understand this type of car. We did a good job”, assured Max Verstappen.

The change of regulation has changed a number of things in Formula 1 and, according to Max, one of them has been the mode of piloting the car, which now responds in quite a different way. The test in the wet has also been satisfactory and Verstappen has been shown to be very fast in those conditions. “Is a philosophy completely different car and the tires are very wide, so you have to drive also in a different way. But the car has behaved well in the wet, we’re very pleased,”, ” said the dutchman.

Good base to work from

Verstappen unknown at what point the computer is located compared to its rivals, but said that Red Bull things are going well and there are reasons to be optimistic. “For us it was to make miles and see if everything worked and so it has been. Obviously it is too early to know where we are, it’s complicated because you don’t really know what they are doing the others, but what we’re concerned we are very happy. Sure they (Mercedes) still have an advantage over us in this start of the season, but I believe that we’re making”.

For his part, Gillaume Rocquelin, Director of Engineering, the computer, confirms that the base is good and the car allows you to work and evolve with guarantees, in addition to advancing the work program of the second week of a test, which will begin on the 7th of march. “The handling is good, the balance is good, the feelings are good. It is a good platform for face-to next week, when we do simulations of career and work to find the best car set-up”.