Verstappen: “The trials are to take the limit of the components”


Max Verstappen has been given the task of getting to the controls
the Red Bull RB13
on the sixth day of testing in Barcelona. Although the Dutch
has finished the day with 102 laps and with a best time of 1:20.432
marked soft tyres, what is certain is that the day has been full of
setbacks for the austrian team. In fact, por the morning Red Bull had
to change the unit of power
by a problem in the MGU-K. A problem of
similar profile forced Max Verstappen to stop the Red Bull RB13 in the final straight of the
day, causing one of the red flags of the day.

All in all, Verstappen not been shown to be especially worried
for the problems
that has had the RB13 and more when has been the rider who
laps completed at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, a total of 102:
we Were two laps to complete the mock race. We already had
many data collected, but unfortunately we had to stop the car
with a similar problem that caused us to be in the garage for this morning.
What I have to say is that I ran out of fuel“.

In this aspect, Verstappen showed positive with the
performance of Renault
in spite of the recurring problems that have had the
proponents of the French manufacturer: “I Think they have some plans in
up to change some of the elements for Melbourne. Anyway, always
I am very positive and I try not to think too much on it. test
are to carry to the limit the components
, to see how good they are and where they are
can improve, so of course we learned a lot today and that’s positive
for the futuro”.


it Is difficult to say, since you don’t know what amount of
fuel have put the other”
claimed Verstappen to be asked
for the position of Red Bull in relation to Mercedes or Ferrari. “The cars
are fairly new, so that each team can make a lot of changes in
the set up and the balance of the car. Dand suddenly finds a way in and
you are working in that direction
, getting to win more performance. There is a lot of
work to be done, we have not tested all the options available in terms of
the configuration of the car. All in all, until now it goes pretty well, the car is

By way of balance, Verstappen concluded: “it has Not been
wrong today. We had some stops, but in the afternoon almost completed
distance of a race. The car felt good and got a lot of
. In the mock race of the afternoon the car felt good. Is
pretty boring to give as many laps there only
and without competing, but that’s all
felt good”.