Very limited and especially aggressive, so is the Italdesign Zerouno


it has Not been made to wait more, after some teaser to whet your appetite in the past few months, Italdesign has taken advantage of the Geneva 2017 to show us the first of just 5 units of your new sport, this time step on the street and not be in a concept car.

With a look really sporty and aggressive where the appendices, and elements, aerodynamic bodywork charge for a special role, the Italian brand has designed this model as a sporty two-seater of reduced weight with which they want to put all the meat on the grill and show that it is able to the team of engineers and technicians of the company.

And it is this vehicle of which body has been built entirely in carbon fiber in order to limit the final mass of the set of 4,87 meters long, 1.97 wide and a very low height of 1.2 metres from the ground.

Although not at the moment have offered figures performance (at least on paper), the firm informs us that it will equip a propeller V10 naturally aspirated 5.2-liter associated with a automatic gearbox dual-clutch 7-speed, operable by cams on the steering wheel.


And that is, its external appearance does not pass for nothing unnoticed that starts with a front LED optics large air intakes conducted by the fins of your spoiler lower and added side, such as the appendix, which leads the flow of air just behind the doors.

In your behind is where aesthetics takes a design more extreme; and not only by its great rear spoiler or the sharp lines of the set of optics, but for its exaggerated diffuser of enormous dimensions starring in the back.

Another element really stands out in the set are their aluminium wheels of 20-inch designed by their compatriots OZ with the objective of cooling the most of their brake carbocerámicos with clamps 8 and 6 pistons (front and rear, respectively). This set is completed with the tyres Pirelli P-Zero developed exclusively for this model with specific compounds in the tread to ensure maximum grip.


interior, as could not be otherwise, the carbon fiber is the main element building in the cabin, from the door panels to the centre tunnel going through the dashboard, pure inspiration in the world of competition. However, and without forgetting that the model has been approved for driving on public roads, equipped with front airbags and side in your cabin.

The Italian sports, in person, may be seen near the 9th to the 19th of march in the appointment helvetica of the car though, tomorrow, coinciding with the opening of the doors of the hall to the press, so you will be able to see it in person in is