Very striking the BMW M4 which has been given to Marco Wittmann

BMW M4 para Marco Wittmann

it Is likely that, Marc Marquez, if we read, it is mosqueando a little with BMW. The Spanish champion of Cervera delivered a few weeks ago a BMW M2 to be the pilot poles succeeded during the recently ended season. BMW has for many years been a sponsor and vehicle Safety Car of MotoGP, giving a drive to the “poleman” of the season in the premier class. In fact, Marquez already said that at this rate he would soon have to enlarge the garage, because he has won it on numerous occasions.

we Said that Marc would be angry, and is that BMW has delivered the exclusive M4 that we see in the images at the very Marco Wittmann, winner this season of the DTM. In his defense we have to say that Wittmann runs with a model of the brand, so it is logical that they have been “scratching a little bit more in the pocket”. In fact, the German firm has released a special edition called BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition, based on the M4 GTS for 500 HP.

BMW M4 para Marco Wittmann

Marco Wittmann has topped for several weeks by the second time as champion of the DTM, after you’ve done it already in the season 2014. The unit that the mark has given him is, to say the least, striking. The body color, that we can remember the skin color of “the incredible Hulk”, receives the denomination Java Green. This unit features a multitude of details and elements of BMW M Performance Parts, as the chrome on black grill, the spoiler or the rear diffuser, in addition to many carbon fiber parts.

But not everything is on the outside and young rider double-champion of the DTM, you can enjoy a cabin exclusive and very sporty. In the interior thresholds of the doors illuminated with the LED, a number of parts finished in carbon fiber as, for example, the knob of the automatic transmission or the iron middle of the dashboard and some details in the same color Java Green to create an eye-catching contrast.

BMW Series 4

From 39.300 euro