Vettel and Räikkönen, mentors of luxury to Charles Leclerc


Charles Leclerc is one of the most promising that will come to the Formula 1 in the short term and Ferrari is the one who will decide what mode to do it. With the renewal of Sebastian Vettel almost assured and Kimi Räikkönen in the air, many are those that include the young monegasque in the community to occupy a seat holder in 2018.

But surely Ferrari want that Leclerc will roll a little in another team of Formula 1 before the subject must face the pressure of the Scuderia and teams like Sauber or Haas, which in 2018 will take engine and gearbox to come out of Maranello, are perfect for this.

While that happens, Charles Leclerc is to dominate with authority in the Formula 2 and begins to engage in a manner relevant to the tasks of Ferrari, attending to the Big Prizes and taking part in test as the Hungaroring which starts on Tuesday, August 1.

“In my career I have always gone step by step. Now I am trying to earn the title of Formula 2, then I’d like to go to the Formula 1”, said Leclerc in a statement picked up by Corriere della Sera.


Charles Leclerc has already made his debut at the wheel of a Ferrari Formula 1 on the tests in Silverstone of 2016.

The monegasque believes that he is ready for Formula 1 and that has to be your next step in 2018. “I feel ready, would you be willing to wait another year? Not what I would prefer, because if I win the championship of Formula 2 can’t defend the title, so I expect I would be of help. My big dream is to wear red. I hope one day to be fulfilled. But I also think in other teams, while it’s Formula 1”.

Great examples

, And preparation without a doubt is speeding up with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen as mentors, since both have an experience and quality beyond any doubt. “When you have access to the conversations by radio Sebastian and Kimi, is a huge help. You can hear how they describe the car and how you see things, that helps me to grow as a pilot and provide information much more accurate”, said Leclerc in a statement picked up by Autosport.

sometimes not paying attention to some details that I felt in the car, the type of things that I did not think that they were helpful

Leclerc is learning that precision and thoroughness in work is essential as a pilot of Formula 1, as the development and refinement of the car and the lap times depend on it. “has helped Me in how to express my feelings and to be a bit more precise. Sometimes not paying attention to some details that I felt in the car and I have seen that Seb and Kimi comment each time you experience it. The type of things that I did not think that would be helpful, but that they were”.


Be part of the dynamic of Ferrari at the end of the week of Grand Prize is helping to Leclerc to form.

Leclerc is a regular on the simulator of Ferrari and that you are allowing them to get acclimated to the working methods of the Formula 1 and the relationship with the engineers, which is different to that of other categories. “It has helped me a lot, and the simulator provides me with the experience. I’ve been able to work with engineers amazing and understand what they are looking for in a pilot and how they want to give them the information”.

After the dispute of seven of the eleven meetings comprising the championship of the Formula 1, Charles Leclerc is the solid leader with 50 points of advantage over Oliver Rowland and has achieved seven pole positions, although he was disqualified in the qualifying of the Hungaroring after irregularities techniques in your car. Charles Leclerc will be the pilot in charge of completing the two-day test with Ferrari in Hungary.