Vettel asks for forgiveness: “In the hot, reacted in an exaggerated manner”


The pilot of Scuderia Ferrari has opted to publish a letter in its own web page, apologizing personally with Lewis Hamilton for his behavior in the past Great Prize of Azerbaijan.

Sebastian Vettel ended up impacting the rear of the W08 of the british in the last of three restarts of the race after the Safety Car. His anger led him to be placed in parallel to the Mercedes, to raise a hand in protest and lash out against the single-seater of this, for which he received a penalty of ten seconds to comply in the race.

The #5 has decided to abide by what was agreed in the meeting today that would be considered a plausible additional penalty for him. Finally, all has resulted in the next pilot that originates from a similar situation will be investigated from a point of view more stringent, and the participation of Vettel in acts of the FIA and other categories.

Dear fans of the engine,

in regard to the incidents of Baku, I would like to explain: during the turn of the relaunch, Lewis surprised me and I crashed face against the back of his car. Looking at it now, I think that he did not do so with bad intent. In the hot, reacted in an exaggerated manner, and it is for this reason that I want to apologize to Lewis directly, as well as everyone who was watching the race. I’ve noticed that I have not given a good example.

In no time I had intended to put Lewis in danger, but I understand that might provoke a dangerous situation.

therefore, I would like to apologize to the FIA. I accept and respect the decisions that have been taken in the meeting in Paris today, as the penalty imposed by the stewards in Baku.

I Love this sport and I am determined to represent you in a way that offers an example for future generations.