Vettel, at the wheel of the Ferrari at Fiorano


Photo: Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel has been able to put behind the wheel of a Formula 1 and enjoy several laps on a circuit, with different sensations that are experienced in the simulator. It is the first time in 2016, which will be served to satiate the hunger of riding that have all the riders in the periods between seasons. However, following the rules, has not been able to prove any part of this season, and that has led to the Ferrari F14-T that had Fernando Alonso in 2014. The day has been developed at the Italian circuit of Fiorano, the path private the Scuderia close to Maranello.

Ferrari has made what is known as a ‘filming day‘, or day of filming, and the reason why the four-time champion has come out to the track is the realization of a video advertising for that of the Cavallino have obtained the permission of the FIA, according to appointment the Gazzetta dello Sport. The previous week, Max Verstappen has already conducted an exhibition in the austrian Alps with the Red Bull of 2011. The regulation of maximum body allows you to roll on two occasions, with cars of 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 without modifications, as he has had to do the German. Sebastian has been very active since the beginning of the new year, working in the simulator and participating in various team meetings in the headquarters of Maranello.

After a ride with Ferrari in 2014, Vettel will be present in the test from Pirelli, which will take place next week in the circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet, in France. Share alignment with his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, although it is still unknown what day will fly each one (McLaren take you to the tester Stoffel Vandoorne and Red Bull to the holders Ricciardo and Kvyat). The single-seater that can be used in these two days will be the 2015. So, Vettel will come out to the track at least two times in a week, but it will not be until next month, from the 22 of February, when you can try out the new car that the Scuderia has made to the season 2016.