Vettel believes that the results have not reflected the actual performance of Ferrari


The season 2016, Ferrari will end up with a balance lower than that of 2015, in which the team got the runners-up of builders, and was made with three victories out of the hand of Sebastian Vettel.

But, despite that, the German pilot thinks that the car has been better this season and may have been the circumstances that have prevented the car to get the results you deserve. “On the whole, I think the car proved to have taken a step forward very well over the past year. I think that our performance really was better than the occasions the results have been demonstrated, but the circumstances were not always the best”, said Vettel in a statement to the press shifted to Abu Dhabi.

The clear progression of Red Bull with regard to 2015 has been one of the key points to limit the progress of Ferrari but, in any case, Vettel admits that the balance of the Scuderia may not be positive. Very often criticize us, but I don’t think that is justified. We are working very hard, the people are very committed. we can Not be proud of this season because we came into the season wanting to fight for the championship and we didn’t, so the goal for next year is very clear”.

The season 2017 looms already on the horizon and all the teams are waiting with a mixture of excitement and fear to see how they have adapted to the new regulation. Vettel, in any case, appeals to the experience of Ferrari and not shy away from the obligation of fighting for the win. it Is a huge challenge for all the teams, including us, to prepare the cars for next year with so many changes, but that is why we are here. I Think the strongest point we have is the experience of the team”.