Vettel described the defects of the Ferrari 2016


the season 2016 for the Scuderia Ferrari has not been all satisfactory that the Maranello expected is undeniable. And a large part of the problem has resided in the car, despite the fact that he has shown flashes of quality, has not had enough consistency to be able to translate them into results.

Sebastian Vettel is of that opinion, but that has not prevented him from recognizing that the car has had major limitations that have been placed far behind Mercedes. “If we talk about the limitations of the car, I think that we have much work ahead this winter. We have lacked some downforce with our direct rivals”, acknowledged the four-time World Champion at the end of the season in Abu Dhabi.

Another of the aspects in which Vettel believes that Ferrari must improve is related to the lack of aerodynamic load: the capacity of the car to keep the tyres in a temperature range that allows to extract all its potential. “sometimes it has cost us the tyres to come into their window of operation. But if you have a car that generates a lot of downforce, you do a favor to yourself in the work with the tires,”, said the German.


Finally, the engine is another aspect to work this winter. Although the italians have managed to get a propeller with a power very similar to that of the Mercedes, Vettel believes that the plus that the germans get in qualifying is something that Ferrari should neutralize order to aspire to beat them in the future. “I Think we have done a great job since the start of the year if you look at the engine in general, but probably we are not where we want to be, especially on Saturday. It seems pretty obvious that Mercedes have a trick and that you can squeeze over your engine that the other manufacturers. These are the two main points (aerodynamics and engine) that have missed us this year, but they are also two points on which we will focus for the coming year. Do not need you explain that Formula 1 today is dominated by aerodynamics, it is not a novelty”, ended by commenting on Sebastian Vettel.