Vettel: Formula 1 gave a “bad example” with the yellow flags


The pole position obtained by Nico Rosberg in the Hungarian Grand Prix continues to bring queue due to the circumstances in which it occurred. The German rider scored the fastest time of Q3, after passing through a zone of double yellow flags, caused by a spinning top Fernando Alonso. Rosberg scored his best time in that sector, which sparked doubts about the legality of your turn. After a belated investigation, the stewards determined that the Mercedes driver had lifted the foot enough when passing through the curve.

For several drivers, however, the argument of having slightly reduced the speed does not prevail over the fact that you have beaten your time in that area, and even more in a situation of double yellow flag, under which the regulation stipulates that a pilot must reduce speed sufficiently to be prepared to stop, if necessary.

The last pilot in speaking out about what happened on Saturday has been Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver does not consider that Rosberg made a significant attempt to reduce the speed, and be mindful of the danger that supposes to give that example of attitude to the yellow flags for the next generations of riders.

“In the past we didn’t have the technology to control the different sectors of the track, and we only had sector 1, 2 and 3. The general rule was that it was not allowed to improve in a sector with a yellow flag. If you look in the regulations, the double yellow means be prepared to stop. If you’re going two to four miles per hour more slowly, or try to stop a little bit before and you lose a tenth and a half, I don’t think you’re ready to stop.

“The worst thing about this is that we are an example. The next week, in a career in karting, when a double yellow flag because someone is out of the track and the stewards will help you, the kids will think “I don’t need to raise too much because in the Formula 1 becomes as well; if this is the summit, so we have to behave”. That is what I don’t like”.

“We have had many discussions unnecessary”

Rosberg has not been the first situation, committed with the yellow flags, an issue that acquired a special sensitivity after the fatal accident of Jules Bianchi in 2014 in Suzuka. Vettel believes that the pilots must decide, in accordance with the constituency sport, the form of to clarify what is a violation of the yellow flag:

“it Is one of those things that we are trying to improve and make more fair to give the riders the opportunity to finish our round, even if there is an unfortunate situation in which there is a yellow flag, but, in my opinion, has gotten worse. We have had many discussions unnecessary“.

“As I said, in the past it was clear: you can’t improve under yellow. Now we can, and we need to discuss what is considered to be lifting and what not. I’m Not a fan of penalizing all the incidents, because we have to compete also, but I don’t think we gave a good example on Saturday”..