Vettel is second in career offensive of Ferrari


If something can’t be denied to Ferrari in the GP of Canada is ambition. The Italian firm opted for a different strategy to Mercedes to try and put in a tight spot to a top Lewis Hamilton. Although perhaps that bet was the beginning of the end of the options of victory in Montreal, the team based their strategy on the use of a pneumatic superblando new in the second stint of the test. While Sebastian Vettel has responded to this proposal to bring his Ferrari to the second position, Kimi R√§ikkonen had a career much more grey and was unable to pass the sixth place.

the Result of this mentality, ambitious, Vettel was satisfied after finishing second in the Grand Prix: “Today has been a great race, I enjoyed every lap and it is a pity that the trophy is not as big as it could have been. there is no reason to criticize the team for the strategy. We think when I first walked in to the garage that would be faster, so I’m happy of this result. In addition, lgood news is that the car is running, with a Saturday positive which allowed us to have a great career”.

Analyzing more in detail their role, Vettel explained: I Had a perfect start when he turned off the light the lights, I focused on myself and I was able to put myself first. I think we had a good pace and even though you always would like to have 1 or 2 tenths more per lap, it was a great race. I insist, we have the best people in terms of strategy, we know that the car still has more potential and we’re still not where we want to be. As a team we gave the best of us and this weekend we came close to winning“.


Almost in a parallel reality, Kimi R√§ikkonen could only reach the sixth position with the same strategy as his team mate: “there has Not been a weekend easy and although we did the maximum, it is evident that you can not be satisfied with this result. the performance of The car was pretty good in certain parts of the track, but in some other points of the track, with conditions of cold temperature, we suffered with the tyre. When I was a free throw I felt good, but then I had to reduce speed to save fuel and tyres”.

The own Finnish acknowledges that at that time he began to lose part of their options of getting a better result: “In this process of saving we cooled off the tires and then it was very difficult to make that work again, in a situation that lasted throughout the race. Now I don’t know what to expect next weekend, since I’ve only seen the layout of Baku in the simulator. Even so I’m sure it will be a complicated circuit, although it is always nice to go to a new place”.