Vettel is the best and Maldonado is the worst, according to Mark Webber


Photo: Red Bull.

Mark Webber is “wet”, and in what way. The australian rider was of the opinion on the riders that make up the current grid, highlighting what is positive and what is negative. In words for Wheels, the australian discussed that many consider the best three of the Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastian Vettel. English is the pilot of the moment, with Spanish shares a good friendship and with the German coincided in Red Bull. “If we talk about Formula 1, the good guys are always in the front, and are always found in the best cars”, declares. He also made reference to Max Verstappen, which he defined as a pilot with “a talent’s gross incredible”.

however, returning to the three, stated to who I would choose to stay only with one: “Are in a very, very high. If I had to choose one, I would probably choose Sebastian. In terms of getting the whole team to push together and get everything working, I think that is going to do at Ferrari in a short time. It is well consistent, and unfortunately I got a little bit of that at the other end, but it is very useful. Lewis has a bit more of a challenge to manage your mind, while Sebastian is true to his style in the way germanic of the delivery”. The relationship between Vettel and Webber was very complicated, especially when they began to reach the world for the German, but have been filed smooth and the aussie has no problems in speaking well of him: “Someone like Seb is very good in the resources, to pull the team all together and get it all around and fill in their weaknesses. It is exceptional in that point”.

Hamilton has two titles in a row and will start 2016 as favorite again. Is the possibility to match Vettel in the championship, and well defined Mark: “Lewis has always been a guy’s incredibly fast, has a natural gift in all conditions and it is very insensitive to changes of track or conditions as light rain or drizzle. It is this kind of things that make the caliber of a very rapid and phenomenal pilot”. Alonso maintained a good relationship of friendship with Webber, which currently sees him suffering: “Fernando would not say that is coming down, but I think that your motivation is being challenged in these times”.

On the negative side, the prize is what leads Pastor Maldonado. Asked by who is the worse with which he has shared grill, responded:Probably Maldonado. Not worth for this, and should not be there. Basically doing numbers”. Will answer of the venezuelan? Time will tell. WhatYou agree in the opinion of the former pilot?.