Vettel: “it Is early to make forecasts”


Ply air of optimism at Maranello. The season 2016 is just around the corner, and after the remarkable evolution of the Scuderia Ferrari in the last season, many are the voices that put the Italian brand at the height of Mercedes-AMG. The Chairman of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, has set the bar very high as it believes that this year that just started is in that break the supremacy of Mercedes. However, to the foot of the track the speech is more quiet and Vettel is cautious about the chances of Ferrari.

In a column in the German newspaper, TZ, Sebastian Vettel makes balance of what had been experienced to date in the Italian team: “Ferrari and I were prepared at the beginning for a difficult year. No one expected three wins. But the most important was the consistency that we had at the show that we were on the right path”. With a speech, always cautious, the German rider explained: there are Still many things to do and we must not forget what position we started with. The things that were at first a little difficult have now become easier. I think that, step by step, everything will get”.

despite scoring three victories and ten podiums in 2015, Sebastian Vettel holds the feet on the ground: “of course, the temptation now into big things for the coming year is high, but we must not forget all the small steps that are give in the way. Last winter there was a great upheaval in the team with a lot of new people and many of them changed their role. It was a process that takes time”. The pilot’s natural Heppenheim concluded: “With luck, we will have a better year in 2016, but still it is early to make forecasts“.