Vettel maintains that Bottas jumped the departure: “it Has been inhumane”


Despite the penalty that relegated Lewis Hamilton to the eighth position on the starting grid, and a possible fourth position in the race, Sebastian Vettel has not been able to take advantage of the new situation to achieve a win that allows them to put more land in the middle with the british pilot. The excellent performance of Valtteri Bottas, who dominated the race from the beginning, deprived the German of seven important points. The controversy, however, was not absent in this race, due to the departure of the Finnish.

After obtaining Bottas several metres of advantage over their rivals, the German pilot said on the radio that the finn had jumped across to the exit. The video evidence was unclear, but the sensor officer of the AIF reflected a reaction time 0.201 seconds, just at the limit of what is considered to be a reaction to genuine. Despite this, the Ferrari did not entirely believe that fact when being interviewed on the podium: “I was distracted very a bit because, from my point of view, it jumped out the exit, he was sure that he did. So it seemed from inside the car, but, in the end, I am not the one who should judge”.

In the press conference later, Vettel delved into that feeling, arguing that the two-tenths that marked the sensor are the needs of the average pilot to make a normal exit: “first of all, to clarify, I don’t want to take away anything of merit to Valtteri, has done an excellent career, without making a single mistake with a car difficult. When I say that I don’t believe it, is that I do not think so. Typically, the reactions are 0.2 for all, and I don’t think anyone was slower today. That’s why I don’t think that Valtteri was much faster”.

I don’t want to take away anything of merit to Valtteri. When I say that I don’t believe it, is that I don’t believe it.

“he firmly Believed that he had jumped the start, but it turns out that he did not, and I guess there are reasons to believe that,”, continued the German. “I can Not imagine that his reaction would be 0.2, that would be normal. In my point of view, its output has been inhumane. He has said before that it is not inhuman, it is Finnish!”.

A good pace and proper strategy meant that Vettel, who acknowledged that his own departure was “skated a little bit,”, to consolidate his second position. In the end wraps, got atosigar to a Bottas with problems, but ran out of time to consummate an advancement. “it Has been very close. I had been told that he had a problem… I Think it needed a turn more, because to him they were costing the ascents”, ” said the Ferrari driver. “I Was much more pleased in the second half of the race: in the first, I was passing something wrong to feel the car, but as soon as we put the superblandos, the car came back to life. I was cutting little by little, approaching plus in the final laps. Lost a bit of time with Perez at bending their”.


The satisfaction average of Vettel contrasts with the anonymous career of Kimi Räikkönen, whose options are faded out to the fall of the fourth to the seventh position. Eventually, he was able to give an account of Sergio Perez and Romain Grosjean to reach the fifth place, but his pace was not enough to have any chance of reaching the four from before.

The Finnish driver, with his usual brevity, he regretted his problematic career start: “I Expected something better. I lost three positions at the start, and I had problems with the balance at the beginning of the first stint, but then it was better. I had good speed with the second set of tyres, but was already far behind and we were not able to recover more. Is not ideal, but the way things are”.