Vettel praises the season debut of Verstappen and Sainz


Photo: Toro Rosso

“Amazing”. Of this he has qualified Sebastian Vettel for the season debut of Max Verstappen, the youngest driver in the contest for a Grand Prize in the history of Formula 1. The dutchman, who comes to Abu Dhabi in the twelfth position in the ranking, has six great prizes in a row in the points, something that no pilot Toro Rosso had previously attained, and has called attention to throughout the season by his daring on the track and its spectacular overtaking (the most recent one, the one that he inflicted to Sergio Perez in Brazil). Although, on the other hand, has not been spared from criticism, as he received after his clash with Romain Grosjean on the Monaco Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen has been a surprise because he has been very aggressive, sometimes too much, but in the end, his season has been very good up until now; has achieved two quarters positions and there that have you in mind for the future because, given their age, has much time ahead and I am sure that will give you grounds to worry about the generation of older, of which I am a part”, stated the German Ferrari.

Also Carlos Sainz -who has finished in the points seven times, but has been affected by problems of reliability and some other error occurs – has received praise from Vettel. “Max and Carlos have done a very good job; both have excelled this season. The two I know from my years in Red Bull, especially to Carlos, that worked very well for us and helped us a lot in the simulator, so it’s nice to see them competing in ‘ , finished off Vettel.