Vettel satisfied after three runs and three podiums since wears red


Sebastian Vettel ranks second in the drivers’ championship, having won a race and have managed to climb all the podiums this season . A beginning of year perhaps unthinkable after the poor performance last season with his former team.


Sebastian-Vettel-Ferrari S Sebastian Vettel eguramente not expect such a strong start in Ferrari . After three races this season, the German driver has climbed the podium three times and has even won one of the three races.

Vettel is very pleased to have been able to upload all the podiums of the year.

But not only surprised the effectiveness of Vettel, but also huge improvement experienced in Ferrari already positioned itself as the second team behind the now almost invincible Mercedes.

This situation keeps him happy the German, who says he feels very comfortable with the team, and very satisfied with the performance of his car.

Although is aware that lack of work to do to overtake Mercedes believes that the way the team is right and wait still a little closer to the German team. Vettel believes that achieving team after only three races has been very great, while the third and fourth place finish in the race today is very important.

On the other hand believed to have been very positive to have been ahead of all the teams that are not Mercedes and hope that in the next round to be played in Bahrain, to achieve this still a little closer Mercedes. The fourth race of the year, find Vettel positioned as second in the drivers’ championship , 13 points below the British Hamilton and 5 points above German Rosberg.





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