Vettel sets his first season at Ferrari: “A miracle”


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The error in classification that we made, starting from the 15th square made it impossible for Vettel to close its first season in Ferrari with a podium finish. Went back and was fourth after his teammate, what he considers a good result: “Obviously I would have liked to get another podium, but I think the result was the best possible for us as a team”. So ends Vettel a course in which he has achieved one pole position, three victories, the record of podiums for a debutant with the Cavallino (13) and has equalled the largest number of points accomplished by a pilot of Ferrari (Alonso in 2012) since it was implemented in the current scoring system: 278. “I Think we can be very happy with this season, it has been an upward curve continues”, stated after the last race.

The evolution of Ferrari this season makes Vettel set this 2015 as something extraordinary: “If you think where we were a year ago, and how were the tests compared to now, this has been a miracle season. I don’t know another team that has improved a lot more in a year”. When he crossed the finish line in fourth position, from the radio of the team congratulated him for the comeback and gave thanks for the season: “No, thank you. Thank you, guys”, he replied. Subsequently, before the media, the four-time champion came back to express his joy for having reached the Scuderia: “Big smiles were seen this year in our garage, and for the next year would be a good news to increase the number of smiles. I am very happy having joined the team at the moment and have had a year of debut as the one I had. Hopefully it will be even better the coming”.

Beat Mercedes, target 2016

The claims are clear in Ferrari: win. And, to do this, they have to overcome a team that is making history and breaking almost all the records. Vettel admits that it will not be easy: “we Know that there is much to do still, we know that Mercedes are very strong, not only the car, the engine or the drivers, all together. We have to improve, because we do not want to continue to be the pursuers. We want to be favorites, we want to be the dominant force, we want to give back to the situation”. You know the recipe to achieve this: “you Have to focus on yourself. Keep your feet on earth, head down and work for ourselves. We know that we can improve the car and the power unit and on the side of the pilots we know we can do better. If we do it together we will be very strong.” Many will point to as the only candidate to lay claim to the title of 2016 to Hamilton. Time, as always, gives a verdict.

Sebastian Vettel performing donuts, at the end of the #AbuDhabiGP.

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