Vettel: “The car does what I ask”


126 laps completed by Sebastian Vettel, making it clear that the car is fast, but also reliable. It now remains to continue to evolve the car and expect that the initial basis is good enough as to beat Mercedes.

“up Until now, the most important are the feeling with the car and are good, it was good. In these two days it is important that the car is reacting and doing what I ask and that is positive. We have a lot of work and mileage to be done. We will work on a lot of things, a car is very new, there are many new data on the car, things in different places… So we will try to understand how it reacts to the car and we have an idea and an expectation, but when you run it in tests it is always something different.”

Ferrari has opted for a new concept despite the fact that the regulation has remained unchanged this year. The need to close a large gap with respect to Mercedes, made it possible for engineers to take risks with the car of 2016. So what corroborates Vettel, who qualifies the car “totally different approach, from the outside you see a few changes like the nose but inside the car there are many more. a Lot of people have put a great effort into the car and I hope it’s good”, pointing to the German.