Vettel, the F1 driver that more money won in 2015

Vettel dedo victoriadespite the fact that many are pointing to Fernando Alonso as the highest paid, yes it is true that you have the contract better, but the plus points have been made that Sebastian Vettel is the Formula 1 driver that more money has entered in 2015. The German Ferrari has reached 46 million euros this past season, compared to the 36 million that has admitted Fernando Alonso. At least so says a portal british called TotalSportek.

keep in mind that many pilots accounts with annexes to the contracts to give a plus point added. These bonuses therefore are added to the base salary agreed to in the contract of the pilot. So if we add the contract of sebastian Vettel with those in Maranello that could be around 27 million euros in basic salary, the more the bonus points totaled, the total would be 46 million this season.

alonso-mclaren-honda-mp4-30-gp-brasil-2015Although the contracts are secret and very well guarded by teams, it is estimated that Fernando Alonso is the one who has the multi-year contract best paid. It is estimated that you will earn € 108 million base for three seasons. This, in addition to the bonus points earned according to each pilot varies the amount per point added. But this year Alonso has not been able to gain much in terms of revenue for many added due to the performance of McLaren-Honda.

Not too long ago we published a post about the base salary of each driver, and the royalties for each point added to all of the pilots, although I repeat that they are only speculations, since contracts are jealously hidden and do not like to give data about them to any computer. As we saw in this article, the surprising salaries of some seeing the results or their track record in comparison with other…. But this is a matter of agreements that have each computer and the auctions that get every representative.

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