Vettel: The new Formula 1 are “aspirin” as compared with those of 2016


After two days without giving statements to the media personados at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Ferrari has appeared at last to offer their impressions on the days of the test being carried out on the circuit Spanish. Today, Sebastian Vettel has completed its work for this week on his second day at the wheel of the SF70-H, and the impressions have been very positive.

The four-time champion German has completed 139 laps, more than anyone else today, and it has registered the second best time of the day, a 1:19.952, the best time with soft tyres for the entire week, two tenths off the best time of the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas with ultrablandos. The German exuded confidence, and it shows in their statements, especially in this particular response to a question on the competitiveness of your car with respect to 2016: “I don’t have a crystal ball. I have two other balls, but they don’t tell you mucho…”

the time to give your impressions in general on the cars this year, which in tests have already been two seconds faster than the times ranking of 2016 with the same compound, the German says: “I think that from the point of view of the pilot, it is much better in everything. The braking is better, the cornering is better, there’s so much more grip, even in slow corners, where the effect of the load is lower, and the wider tires give more grip. Works very similar to aspirin, oh, the fix-it-all!”.

Vettel, however, prefer not to draw hasty conclusions on the performance of your car, given the early progress this season, and has stressed that his team still has a lot of pending work in the next five days of tests: “We have much work ahead and the team is working hard. We have had a winter in the quiet that we have tried to concentrate on what is important, and here also: we try to do our work. The list of what we need to do is very long. We’ve had three very good days. They could have been better, but we’ve done a decent number of laps. Do not pay much attention to what others are doing; at the end of the day, everyone is looking for a lap time, but it is much more important what happens during the day, so it is very difficult to read”.