Vettel wants to talk about what happened in Baku, Hamilton is not: “Better on the track”


the controversy of The Grand Prix of Azerbaijan has without a doubt had to Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton as characters in relation to what happened during the second period of Safety Car.

Sebastian Vettel was unable to avoid impact with the rear of the Mercedes of Hamilton at the exit of curve 15 and, upset by this, decided to pair up and give a swerve against the car of his rival.

The German Ferrari was penalized with a stop & go of ten seconds and three points on your license, accumulating as much as nine and being only three-of-a sanction that prevents you from competing for a period of time. But Sebastian Vettel considered unjust punishment, or, at least, that Lewis Hamilton was not penalized also. “No, we’re here to compete, we are adults and the people expected to use the elbows. I enjoyed the race, but I don’t think it would be right that I got a penalty and he did not”.


Lewis Hamilton controlled at all times to the race, but the circumstances ended up impede you from obtaining the victory.

In any case, Vettel says it does not have any personal problem with Hamilton and that you respect her as a pilot, ensuring that you have the intention of talking about what happened with him. “I don’t have problems with him, I respect him a lot for the pilot that is. I don’t think that out if the intention because it also risked damaging the car and ending his race. Now it’s time to talk to us and limemos rough spots, I’m willing to work it out with him, although I don’t think you have much to resolve”.

Hamilton does not want to talk with Vettel

But for a conversation to occur are necessary two people, and Lewis Hamilton has no intention of discussing the issue with Vettel, preferring to act on the track. “The first thing is that he doesn’t have my number, the only thing that I’m going to do is talk about the track, it is more important to me. I need a time to reflect, but I think that was disrespectful. Though she had bad intent against him, as to give a braking or whatever, I still think that does not deserve that kind of reaction towards a person that always has to be respected in the court,”, said in a statement picked up by Motorsport.

The british driver believes that it has been given a very bad example to the fans and to the young riders. “There are many children watching television and you expect to be a multi champion behave better. It’s the kind of things you see in the karting and learn not to do them. We are World Champions, the best riders”.

In regard to the suggestion that Sebastian Vettel beat Hamilton by an oversight and without any intention, the british is very clear and emphatic: “Maybe if you’re driving down the road and you put your hand in the window you desvías a little to the right, but we don’t do that. We competed for years, just don’t do that”.

Maybe if you drive along the road and you put your hand in the window you desvías a little to the right, but we don’t do that

Be that as it may, the important thing for Lewis Hamilton is that he lost a race that had very controlled because of the incident with the headrest, forcing him to stop in the pits to exchange it for another because the initial out of your site. “Happened, I don’t think that was the right thing, but the most important thing for me is that I lost the race for the problem with the headrest. It is in everything I think, I want to win the next twelve races,”, sentenced Hamilton.