Vettel wins in Malaysia and Ferrari back to the top of the podium from Spain 2013


Sebastian Vettel He scored his first win with Ferrari fought race in his second red dress. The German pilot managed to beat the Mercedes Malaysia and carried him to the highest scuderia a place that had failed from GP of Spain 2013 .


Vettel-Ferrari-Malaysia-2015 V Ettel had already warned on Saturday in qualifying, when he failed the thousandths pole position . What insinuated during preseason testing, slowly takes shape and transformed into reality. Today nobody doubts that progress Ferrari this season are enormous.

The Mercedes that looked unbeatable were located behind with Hamilton in second position and Rosberg Third completing the podium.

Vettel had a good start in Ferrari. He won his second career.

Sebastian Vettel achieved thus something that was not in any forecast a few weeks ago, since not only achieved subdue Mercedes , which seemed to be in a separate category, but also return to Ferrari victory not arrived from Spain in 2013.

A right strategy team allowed the triumph of Vettel who remained on track following the departure of Marcus Ericsson tennis and subsequent income safety car, when the rest of their rivals entered the pits to change tires. Vettel decided to wait, as speculated with the arrival of rain, which ultimately was not present, which ultimately benefited him since German driver managed to escape and Mercedes could not reach it.

Moreover, the slump McLaren continues, as both drivers had to leave to prevent breakage of the Honda engines. Fernando Alonso left the race on lap 22 and number Jenson Button did the same thing later.





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