Vettel: “you can’t rely on Niki Lauda, is a great change of opinion”


Photo: Ferrari

good-humored and sincere. So he faced Sebastian Vettel with the invitation to the press briefing of pilots prior to the Brazilian Grand Prix, went along to Felipe Massa, Felipe Nasr, Max Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg and Jenson Button. The four-time champion was asked about the words of Niki Lauda, in which the austrian claimed that Ferrari competes with Mercedes in terms of engine but not in chassis and aerodynamics. For Vettel, those words mean that are getting closer to the champions, but also ensures that the word Lauda is not the most valuable: “If we cannot compete, this season would have been different. I’m happy with the progress we have made, and with what is planned for the future. Now, Niki is usually not the best person in whom to rely, let’s say so. Changing his views very quickly, and sometimes what he says makes sense and other times not. So if you speak of us is good for us, because she feels that maybe we are coming, so I hope that that is a good news”.

In his time at Red Bull has won on two occasions in Interlagos, circuit, where he achieved the title of 2012. The objective of Vettel for Brazil is to overcome and expect that Rosberg will not add many points to be able to snatch second place: “There are two races to the end and the last grand prix did not help, but yes, always and when it is possible to finish second, we want that instead of a third party. We’re going to try to split the Mercedes doing our job and giving the maximum, and then see what happens”. Once finished the season, it will put the view in 2016, where it is called to be the great rival of Lewis Hamilton: “it is Always difficult to predict what is going to happen, but it is certainly our goal. I can certainly see what we are doing, the work that has been done this year and will be for the next, in the factory of Maranello, and it looks promising. I think that we should be able to take a step forward. Of course, the most important day is when you put the new car on the track and see what you can do, but for that still left. For now subtract two careers and we want to do well, and it would be ideal to obtain the best possible results here and in Abu Dhabi”.

Without the pressure of playing the championship, Vettel showed joker to the press and, when all pilots were asked, by the best and the worst of their equipment, the germans launched a curious challenge your team: “The strong point that I have been overwhelmed is the passion for Ferrari, within the team but also the great mass of fans all over the world, what I call Red Magic. The food is a strong point also. The weak point, obviously we have had a great season up to now and after the races we’ve won, we’ve had some good parties, so I think we can improve on what resistant we are to certain drinks. But hey, that comes with practice, so I hope that we are able to practice many times in the coming year”. Sure that the Cavallino wouldn’t mind getting to be immune to alcohol if it is for that reason.