Victory without troubles for Bottas, weekend to forget for Hamilton


Second victory in his career to Valtteri Bottas, since we landed in Formula 1 back in 2013 alongside Williams in Australia. Could not consolidate your pole in Bahrain, but managed to fix it by winning in Sochi after a third two weeks later.

The Finnish saw not threatened its position of leader in no time more than at the end of the day, when Sebastian Vettel came to see him, thanks to a few tires in poor state which affected in an equal manner to his team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

“I Had a little deja vu with what happened in Russia”, confessed Bottas to get out of the W08. Your battle against the German Ferrari acquired a tinge quite similar to that staged these two riders in the fourth round of the calendar, but finally managed to endure the stakes of SF70H. The #77 says that you see fighting for the world on equal terms, now that is 35 points of Vettel and only 15 Hamilton.

“I was reaching, I suffered a lot of blistering in the last stint since the turn five or six, I was able to control the pace, but it was complicated a little bit”. The implementation will be realized from the aspect that had the Pirelli’s winner Grand Prix of Austria, and focused to the rear of his car on several occasions, something that will surely make the leaders of the Scuderia from the wall. “of Course that was coming and had more pace, but I had problems with the left rear tyre, with a few blisters that were doing nothing more than grow”.

Bottas denied that Sebastian would have been as easy as he thought to pass in with one more lap, as “it is difficult to know what would have happened”. On the other hand, said that “today, I reacted better than ever before the traffic light.”, an output of which is complained about more than one pilot by their questionable legality, among them Daniel Ricciardo. The research was sterile and Valtteri was able to cross the finish line without problems, although in a press conference that accompanied him at his side were still asserting that it had not been legitimate. “you Know more or less when is going to turn off, so that you can play sometimes to get a great output, many others arrive a little late”.


Hamilton qualified 3rd on Saturday, and came out 8th after the penalty.

a fresh start for Lewis

“Is all that I can do”, responded to the british when the press asked him if had had problems with the car. What is certain is that, despite the sanction, the bursting of the structure of the brakes in the earlier days did not feel at all comfortable with the car, and you will end up straining your Bottas and Vettel in qualifying.

Is all that I can do, I hope that we don’t have any problem at Silverstone

“I feel good, obviously it has been difficult, what more can I say?”. Hamilton can’t do another thing to think about in his home race, because it has lost the battle against Sebastian Vettel looking sideways at the world, once again, after the bad luck that accompanied him in Baku, who stayed with him this weekend. “I’ll take a couple of days of rest, but I’m looking forward to being in front of my home fans. I hope that we don’t have any problem at Silverstone. Blot and new account”.