Video: 45 years of evolution of the Honda Civic compacted in a minute

The Honda Civic has been almost half a century between us and this video allows us to appreciate the evolution of this successful model across its ten generations.

Con 45 years in the market, the Honda Civic is one of the models most important for the japanese brand and one of the most recognized of its entire range.

Ten generations have succeeded one another in this almost a half-century of life and during all these years the model has been adapted to the taste and the needs of each market. The Civic has an undoubted success and currently has been transformed into a car with global reach and has recently released a novelty unthinkable, since adopted turbo engines fed.

Is that the naturally aspirated engines have formed part of the history of the model since its inception, but the Civic has evolved to satisfy the demand of the current market. But, of course, that these new thrusters have managed to retain the spirit of the model, and even in their versions are more powerful manage to distinguish yourself from your rivals.

engine VTEC 2.0-liter turbo Honda Civic Type R develops 320 HP, which in combination with an elaborate set-chassis managed to set a time of 7 minutes and 43,8 seconds in the circuit of Nürburgring Nordschleife.

But, How has evolved the Honda Civic in these 45 years? Without a doubt outwardly the model has been modified a lot over its ten generations, and not only for its aesthetics, but also by their dimensions, .

The boys of Donut Media have developed a video in which images have been selected carefully, to allow us to and see how has been the evolution of the Honda Civic hatchback throughout its ten generations, showing us the most noticeable characteristics of each generation jump.

The video of little more than a minute summarizes the 45 years of history and allows you to visually compare the huge differences between the Civic of the 1970s with respect to the current model.