Video: A bike to haul a whole family

A driver was recorded on video in India, while carrying an entire family on his motorcycle. You’ll be amazed in the way that they travel.

Hwoe to those who are wondering what is the purpose of a vehicle like the TATA Nano. While it has not had much success in India, the Nano was a model born to try mobilize families of that market, offering an affordable product that could serve as a substitute motorcycles, which are often used to transport entire families.

And that is something that can be seen in the video that heads this article, where a man carries on his motorcycle to a family or hers. Equipped with a sort of wooden boards officiating of seats, the man manages to carry that in the beginning appear to be only three people, in addition to the pilot, but as the person recording the video manages to overcome the motorcycle family, the surprise is even greater, as the intrepid driver manages to transport a family composed by 10 members.