Video: A family Lada 2104 with 400 horsepower


A VAZ-2104 is transformed into a rocket 400 horsepower by a motor Nissan and Garret turbo. It can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 4.6 seconds .


Lada-2104-400cv L he Soviet countries had their own version of the Fiat 124 hand AvtoVAZ more than 17 million units Vaz 2101 were produced , which not only transformed it into the most popular car in eastern Europe but also in one of the cars with more units produced in the history of the automotive industry.

400 hp and 0-100 in 4.6s for this Lada 2104 family.

Very accessible, the 2101 was affordable to any worker communist Europe , which was the secret of its amazing sales figures.

Although it was not a very good car, some continue to call their attention today to the point of taking it as a starting point for a crazy project like this unit with 400 horsepower that we show in video.

The VAZ-2104 is a derivative thereof, with body type station wagon . With lots of pieces borrowed from Nissan S13 and S14 , including engine and transmission, empowerment was achieved based on an turbo Garrett GT2871R a set of cams Tomei and injectors Nismo making power 400 hp with 1.4 bar pressure , which in combination with its low weight literally transform into a rocket.

The escape is made as in 3-inch diameter rear suspensions are HKS Hipermax while the front are Stillway while the braking system is 100% Nissan.

With the mechanical assembly, the Lada can speed 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds and make the quarter mile in 12.34 seconds, enough to achieve embarrass a Porsche 911, so As can be seen in the attached video below.