Video: a million reasons why you don’t want that you leave the ESP

, fortunately, nowadays, every new car is equipped with the corresponding controls of traction and stability. There was a time that this technology was not valued enough by the buyers, even to get to say that these controls were only useful for people driving very fast. Nothing could be further from the reality. Even today it is still really important to assess the importance of this element of safety, especially if we are looking for a second hand car. And it is that we are convinced that it is a system essential, that saves lives and prevents accidents really serious daily. The test we have in this video that shows the consequences of not using ESP.

The television program Fifth Gear is proposed to perform a test, under controlled conditions, to demonstrate the risks of circular with a vehicle without stability control. The test consisted in performing a slalom on a runway of an aerodrome, at different speeds. 40 mph (64 km/h), we see how the small Toyota Yaris is far from feeling agile controlling the rocking of your body, and short, in proportion, relatively high. 80 km/h the situation is complicated.

But it is precisely at 110 km/h at a usual speed on the road, when the situation is complicated indeed.

The first violent turn, the pilot is unable to retrieve the path, and just hopelessly out of the track and ultimately capsizing. On a road this would have meant an exit path, or at least a violent collision against the guardarraĆ­les, or even invade the opposite lane. The great advantage of stability control is precisely the control which it offers us, by adjusting by means of the system of braking the rotation of the wheels to compensate for the energy that drives our car, for a loss of traction, and by the defendant rocking to the that is subjected the body, for example in a maneuver to dodge.

more than 110 km/h, at speeds around the legal limits of our roads, the situation is complicated even more. In fact, we see as the car turns over just at the time that the driver contravolantea to retrieve the record, and to avoid exiting back on the track.

Source: Fifth Gear
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