Video: A treat for your ears, many supercars are roaring in a tunnel

, call me badass, but I acknowledge that often hard for me to resist, enter a tunnel with a sporty, and not down two or three gears to hear its roar reverberating in the walls and ceiling. And I definitely think that I am not the only one. It’s probably one of the great pleasures of driving a sporty, especially if it has the engine of some of the beasts that we see in this video. Engines such as the V12 and V10 from Lamborghini, the V10 of the Audi R8, the V8 of a Mercedes SLS AMG or a Ferrari, and even the anecdote of a BMW i8, that, in the absence of a sound as strong as the rest of the sports in the video, makes it sound a siren for police.

The video was recorded by the youtuber Gumbal in a concentration in the circuit of Assen. And the huge expectation that is seen in the tunnel, full of spectators, is the best proof that they were all hoping that these sports make the roar of his engine when passing through this stretch.

it Is true that making a deafening noise with a sporty, accented by the acoustics of the tunnel, it is still an act of a badass. But also you will be with me in that better to do it as well, and, if possible, away from dwellings, which destroy the peace of the neighbors, as reported, residents in certain areas of London. In fact, just a few weeks ago we already told you how the authorities of some districts of London had decided to impose fines of up to 1000 pounds by making noise with the car.

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