Video about the new Audi R8 V10


All impetus and speed together the same car that will break all barriers of speed and resistance. Audi presents its new R8 V10 , a stylish, comfortable and fast car that will fit perfectly to the demands of car enthusiasts and loyal fans of the brand.

They riders Audi cars Miguel Molina and Marc Gene are the real stars The new campaign Audi has rencientemente prepared to mark new course Driving to convey to all concerned between 9 and 13 November in Madrid circuit of Jarama.

These courses are conducted in the program Audi Driving Experience through which learn to overcome obstacles and learn the characteristics and challenges it provides each new route, either asphalt track., Snow or desert

The new video popular car brand you can see below:

In this new occasion, reflecting the popular car company childhood dreams and achievements we can finally get in our adult lives, if we really intend achieve an ideal .

The new models Audi R8 V10 are presented as more powerful and refined version brand. This is shown by motors 525 5.2 FSI cv V10, besides being able to reach 315 km / h from 0 to 100 appear at approximately 3, 9 seconds.

Moreover design of this new model is a luxury, so care of every little detail in your body, nighttime and daytime LED lights, and the provision of an elegant sophisticated lines not conflict with his power and speed.

What about you ?, what you think about it new Audi R8

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