Video about the new Subaru XV

You know what vehicle offered by comfort and a large width of the interior space in market ?, the new Subaru XV is presented as an authentic and spectacular 4 × 4 who has come to offer all facility when traveling by car, Want to see a video to Know better?

Vídeo sobre el nuevo Subaru XV

A new beast travel roads around the world to bring passengers to the desired destination to sudden and without shift involves a victim comfort , the security and comfort for each of the members who travel aboard this new jewel.

We refer, as we have mentioned in previous lines, the new Subaru XV enclosed by a design modern and sporty , designed for young couples and families with one or two children. In this case, you can choose between three engines available in the same area XV such as 114 hp 1.6i with 5-speed manual gearbox, 2.0i 150 hp with automatic Linear Tronic and 2 0 Turbo Diesel 150 hp with manual transmission 6-speed.

One innovations highlights the revolutionary Subaru found in the combination of Boxer engine and Symmetrical AWD system that will provide greater stability and security to ordinary trips by car. Indeed, by incorporating this type of engine, new Subaru XV provides more resistance to lateral other motives which we can find in the market, while providing better performance and durability movement.

Another of the highlights is about Traction This true 4 × 4, because it is an electronic system that will protect our tires to avoid skidding on the road to accelerating too quickly or abruptly.

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