Video acceleration duel between the three hottest utility of the moment

We bring you one of the more interesting matchups in weeks acceleration. It is a competition possibly among the three most radical spicy utility of the moment: a Mini Cooper JCW 231 hp, a Renault Clio RS Trophy 220 hp and Opel Corsa OPC 207 hp . Both the Mini and Opel have been renovated recently and is the Renault which is slightly veteran. The Mini is brand new and is positioned with a 2.0 turbo and 231 hp as the most spicy and radical sports utility ever created. Very careful.

separate the Barely 20 hp Opel Corsa OPC Mini Cooper JCW in this duel to the death.

The battle is simply a drag race. But not talking about a quarter mile, talk about a much more demanding 0-1000 room A competition in which the output is important, but where are demonstrated more crudely capabilities -. And weaknesses – a propellant. On paper, Mini Cooper JCW should wipe in this test with a 0-100 km / h in just 6.3 seconds versus 6.6 seconds behind Renault Clio RS Trophy and the Opel Corsa 6.8 seconds OPC .

But it is an endurance race, and the Renault Clio has an ace up its sleeve: a gearbox double clutch, while the other cars must use a manual gearbox six relations. The weight of the three cars is almost identical: three are encompassed in the range 1,200 kg – 1,220 kg (no load). A battle video I urge you to watch below, with predictable results but perhaps equally interesting. Pump up the volume and press play, I know you’re looking forward from now.

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