Video: Alfa Romeo makes us hear the sound of the V6 QV

Giulia [19459million]


In the last promotional video I released this week Giulia, Alfa Romeo emphasizes the sound from the twin-turbo V6 Ferrari origin


Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-video E l Alfa Romeo Giulia is undoubtedly very important for the Italian manufacturer, in fact arguably car is one of the most important in history brand, considering that forms the basis of the worldwide relaunch of Alfa Romeo .

And that revival will place special emphasis on United States , a market to which they aspire to conquer and have already come to 4C.

This is why the mark of biscione is launching a strong promotional campaign through the Internet, to ensure that your message reaches as far as possible. Although for the moment only known the most powerful version of the Giulia , we know that there will also be more variants with simple mechanics and they even have diesel engines.

But the promotional images put the focus on Quadrifoglio Verde , a version that has a Ferrari motor home. This is a 2.9-liter V6 biturbo engine, which produces 510 horsepower , associated with a manual or automatic manual transmission and rear drive.

In the last promotional video I released this week, emphasizes Alfa Romeo the sound from the V6 .