Video: Alonso climbed the McLaren MP4 / 4 Ayrton Senna


Fernando Alonso was pleased to get on the McLaren MP4 / 4 Ayrton Senna as part of the celebration of the 30 years of marriage of Company team watches TAG Heuer .


E l team McLaren celebrates with the watch brand TAG Heuer , the bond that unites them for already 30 years. As part of the celebration, Woking released a promotional video beginning with Senna talking and continues with the current prime driver of the team in charge of the legendary MP4 / 4 .

This is nothing less than one of the best cars in history, with which Ayrton Senna won a series of incredible records. The MP4 / 4 had 15 pole positions and 15 wins in the 16 races that took the 1988


In the promotional video can be seen as the Spaniard leads the driver of his idol, while Jenson Button follows in the current MP4 / 30 . An excellent opportunity to enjoy the incredible sound of this McLaren already turned 27 years old.