[Video] Alonso: “I did not have the frustration of Vettel, I think it’s worse now”


Fernando Alonso granted an interview to Sky Sports over the weekend in Brazil in which he spoke of various topics of interest. The pilot of McLaren reviewed the season and, even if you think that the balance staff is positive in relation to your team mate, you can not say the same of the current situation of a team with so many aspirations such as McLaren.

Fernando Alonso acknowledges that the present moment is that McLaren lives “it’s definitely not good, I think that the expectations for this team are always very high, it is always a fight for the championship”, although it is clear that it has improved markedly this year and the team has everything to win, being the best in the that has been able to work in his fifteen seasons in Formula 1.

The spaniard also commented on the role that their radio messages are in the retransmission of television and explained the reason of one of the superstitions that you share with your engineers from the Malaysian Grand Prix this year. In that race his engineer of track, Mark Temple, was unable to attend and he was replaced by their engineer, performance Will Joseph, giving rise to a situation that ended up having fun the whole factory of McLaren and gave rise to a custom in every race.

Alonso also responded to the comparison between what he went through at Ferrari, and the current situation of Sebastian Vettel, claiming that it is not comparable because the Spanish could fight for titles. “I didn’t have this frustration, I tried to fight for the championship, I led the championship in Abu Dhabi -the last race-, I led the championship here (in Brazil), until ten laps from the end, so I think that the situation is worse now”.

Finally, Fernando Alonso said that McLaren can catch Mercedes thanks to the change of regulation and to fight for the title is possible in 2017. ┬┐why not? I think the change of regulation gives us the opportunity to achieve the most rapid, Mercedes, if we interpret the rules a little better, a little faster, we are a big team, with great resources, great talents in the team, so I have confidence that we can do a great job”.