Video: an amazing and mysterious truck definitive collection Ferrari

Imagine for a moment that you have a collection of sports, in which the most spectacular and representative Ferrari of all time are present: Ferrari 288 GTO A F40 A F50 , an Enzo, and the jewel in the crown at the moment, LaFerrari . How trasladar√≠as this display of power, carbon fiber, and thirsty horses, at a concentration? For starters would need a trailer, not only large enough to accommodate these five animals, but also safe and closed for privacy. Or would you like to take in a truck that was shouting from the rooftops that the trailer carries several million euros? And that’s where we met with spectacular for its content, but also for transport definitive continent. Spectacular truck you can see in the video below, along with the roar of sports as are lowering him .

The value of these five sports, the beasts and representative of the modern era of Ferrari, is at least five or six million.

The video, published by The CARAF, have been recorded during Concours D’Elegance in Knokke, Belgium . As discussed in Motor Authority, every car you see in this truck belonging to a single owner. An owner who has solved its logistical problems with a spectacular truck, and other suitable to transport as valuable as this collection side.

This huge trailer has an enclosed trailer, with retractable panels that are uploaded to let us see the spectacular collection that houses inside. And I assure you that if we had these five sports, neither do we care to invest anything in a truck like this. But it is best to see him on video.

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