Video: BMW celebrates 40 years of the Series 3 with its owners


40 years have passed since BMW presented in Frankfurt Motor Show 1975 to the first generation 3 Series . Comoparte celebrations, the brand released a video narrated by their owners.


BMW-323i-E21 A yer we show you a special series of photographs BMW spread about the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the birth of the 3 Series , which occurred in 1975. This is a tour along the six generations of this model that has become the most famous German brand.

As part of the celebrations, BMW gave further provides an promotional video in which show us firsthand the model through the owners. Filmed in different cities around the world, the proud owners of the most diverse BMW 3 Series let us know their life stories.

Thus let us know various classic units in excellent condition and we transmit the passion that produces this true icon. Brand enthusiasts will enjoy this video that takes us for a ride from USA until Indonesia passing through several cities Europe too.