Video crazy of the day: two grandmothers and a Lamborghini

What happens when two grannies come for a ride in a Lamborghini Murcielago 640 CV? The funny scene to be found in this video of Donut Media (the creators of this fantastic animation of the evolution of the Porsche 911 that we saw a few days ago). A scene of the most fun that leaves us with anecdotes peculiar that usually occur with supercars of the size of this Lamborghini.

Anecdotes as checking that all the world will look at it. Or scenes like the great drivers who have never had the opportunity of driving a supercar, or have a high level of knowledge about sports. Moments curious as to actuate the motor and feel the sound of the engine that it engulfs everything, or fight for a few seconds to discover how to engage the reverse gear, moving the gear lever sports, and the adventure of maneuver to exit the parking lot.

Or times as puzzling as a stop to make the purchase and look for the boot. Discover that that bezel back does not give you access to the trunk, and that where they’d keep the purchase appears a huge engine, the “horses”.

In any case, and after having seen that in Poland a grandmother of 81 years old is walking around habitually in the Subaru WRX STi, maybe this video does not surprise us both. Don’t you think?

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