Video: Danny Trejo is car salesman in a new commercial for Dodge


Dodge released a new series of TV commercials in the United States and one of them is starring the actor Danny Trejo , who gives life to a car salesman .


Dodge-Danny-Trejo E he American actor of Mexican origin Danny Trejo is the protagonist of one of the new commercial that Dodge prepared for television in the United States.

Danny Trejo is an unconventional car salesman.

Following a bit with the style of his character trailer fictional film Grindhouse Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez took little later gave rise to the film Machete Trejo plays a car salesman something rude and rough for the TV commercial that takes the name of ‘sunroof’ as in Mexico called the sunroof.

The commercial starts at a Dodge dealership, where Trejo seller invites a customer to test the 2015 Dodge Charger on a test drive. Naturally, the customer wants to know the details about the performance, fuel economy and other features of the Charger, but insists Trejo obsessively with sunroof .

This is when Trejo tells the driver to stop the car right in front of a building opens the sunroof and asks him to wait there . What happens after you we will not tell, but Trejo demonstrates that the sunroof is a very useful feature, for this strange car salesman, which you can check in the video attached below.