Video: Fast and Furious in Polish version


Fast and Furious is a franchise that already seems to be spreading more than they should, where cars are slowly losing ground. But that does not mean that parodies like this done in Poland have been exhausted.


Fast-amd-Furious L a saga of Fast and Furious is one of the highest grossing in its genre, but is also the target chosen for the most diverse parodies . Within this framework fits Brzydcy I Wściekli, Fast and Furious 7 parody , a recreation humorously created in Poland .

The Toretto and O’Conner Polish walk in Fiat and Trabant.

Hard to imagine Dominic Toretto or Brian O’Conner dedicated to theft of tractors, but that’s what happens in the Polish video, which takes the sound of official trailer the film, but replaces other images created by themselves.

With so much action and special effects, no shortage of cars as a Fiat 125 for Trabant and Fiat 126 several years and miles above and adding to the three fail to reach 200 horsepower.

A peculiar characteristic of the protagonists is that all use glasses with an increase in significant plus cities have replaced the original film by own ways than countryside of Poland . Its creators have decided termed ‘ Ugly and angry’ , which could be translated something like Ugly and angry.