Video: ¡Ferrari Land takes shape! This will be the first theme park Ferrari in Europe

In less than a year will open its doors on the third PortAventura theme park World Parks & Resort, a new complex of leisure and family entertainment presented as Ferrari Land. This is the first theme park of Ferrari in Europe, which has already begun its construction in Spain, in Salou, along with the rest of theme parks PortAventura. The project, initially announced in 2014, aims to increase the influx of public of PortAventura up to 5 million people each year. Will feature attractions, restaurants, hotels, and all the necessary services to attract eminently to a family audience. And finally we have a first official video in the Ferrari Land shows us what will be your appearance.

Although since it was revealed the project had already been able to anticiparos some details of Ferrari Land, through some images, and a video mode of the virtual drive created by the Parks & Attractions Community, this is the first time the PortAventura presents us with the final appearance of the park.

In the video, we can see that, between the mastodontic attractions, and pavilions in red passion, there will be a multitude of facilities, go kart tracks, shops, and a hotel.

Talk of an enclosure of 60,000 square meters, which will have the throttle higher vertical and faster in Europe, shuttles (torres bounce) 55 meters of height, a go-kart circuit of 570 yards, 8 simulators, restaurants, and shops in a number of streets; that Italy, and even buildings that replicate the facades of the most important monuments: the Colosseum, the Scala, the Campanile of San Marcos…

For lovers prancing horse will become a must-visit. One of the official stores of the park Ferrari Land will be a recreation of the old factory of Enzo Ferrari.

Source: PortAventura
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