Video: Fifth Gear shows us what happens to a motor if you drive without oil

According to the RAC british, every day they receive about 25 calls for assistance for cars that have been left without oil. The engine oil is its blood, and is absolutely required for its correct operation. To stay oil free is much more serious than running out of petrol, we run a risk of causing irreversible damage to our engine. At Fifth Gear we have been shown in video what happens if an engine runs out of oil and we continue to circulate. Warning to sensitive: butcher mechanics after the jump.

why do we need the oil in our car?

The engine needs lubrication to function properly. His blood is the oil, whose level must be always right.

Stay without oil is the worst thing that can happen to our engine. The oil lubricates the internal walls of our engine, creating a thin lubricating film between metal parts that move at insane speeds. Without lubrication, the friction generated by this movement could generate such heat that the pieces are deformarían and would soldándose each other, killing effectively to our engine. In addition, the oil also lubricates the turbocharger, in cars so equipped.

aceite-motor-gripar-1The oil also serves a third function, to accumulate the impurities generated by the combustion and mechanical wear. Attached to the large forces of the engine, the oil should be replaced every certain period of time. Usually around 15,000 miles, although some oils type “long-life” can be stretched up to 30,000 or more miles. If the use of the car is intense, the oil may be lost before their properties. And in addition, we must never forget that the engines consume oil to a greater or lesser extent.

With an ancient engine, or you accumulate a lot of mileage, should be monitored especially consumption of oil, which can perfectly be up to a litre per 1,000 miles. The same thing happens on the bikes, which by their nature – always rotate to a regime of very high – consume more oil than a car in relative terms. If you do not monitor the oil level and the oil consumption of our car, you can be what Fifth Gear has been recorded. That our engine flu and we have to change directly from car.

, they Emptied the oil of the engine of an old Proton second hand and launched him on the road. Without oil, the friction of the internal parts begins to produce noises unpleasant, easily perceptible even from the outside of the car. When we came to a considerable rattle mechanic we’ve already passed the point of no return. The engine is suffering an agony from which it cannot recover. Are its death throes before your pieces are soldered to each other. The engine is unrecoverable.

All cars come with a witness low oil pressure, is a jar of oil in red, that lights up when the engine is already practically drained of oil. If this happens, stop immediately, your engine is already suffering the consequences of lack of lubrication. Soon I’ll talk about oil consumption, how to measure the oil level, and other tips related to the blood of the engine. Don’t turn your car in the protagonist involuntarily in a similar situation.

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