Video: Google’s autonomous car, ready to hit the streets


The autonomous driving car Google prepares to enter a new development phase . A mid-year will begin to roll down the roads California. [1.99901 million]


Google-Self-Driving-Car L a second phase of development of autonomous vehicle Google will start mid this year, when one of the prototypes start rolling on the roads Mountain View in California, where the technology company has its base of operations.

The autonomous car of Google will initiate a new phase of development by California roads.

Google continues to advance with the stated goal of achieving a vehicle to assume the full burden of driving, you can take the user from one point to another no more need for intervention to push a couple of buttons which set the destination of choice.

Thus they seek to change mobility as we know it today, while reducing dramatically the human error, the cause of more than 90% of registered accidents and consequently reducing fatalities. [1.99901 million]

The California-based company has already made million kilometers of testing , thanks to its fleet of Lexus RX450h and now that same technology and software will be transplanted directly to small autonomous car. A few days and somewhat forced ago, Google had to admit that its fleet of autonomous vehicle testing had been involved in a series of accidents, although in either case Google car was the cause .

When the small autonomous take the California streets be limited to a maximum speed of 40 km / h and as was stipulated by law, the vehicle has been equipped with pedals and steering wheel, so that the driver can take over if necessary. We will have to watch closely as this project continues, that from now on every day will become closer to reality. [1.99901 million]