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The Origami it is the art of creating figures by folding paper, in addition to the literal meaning of the word in Japanese. This art as associated with the culture of the Country of the Rising Sun is the idea that the Japanese manufacturer has chosen to create a car Lexus renounced metal, glass and plastic, using only paper and cardboard. A work of art must necessarily impress, at least for the work that was necessary to complete it. A replica of the Lexus IS different from anything else we’ve seen lately.

This cardboard replica of the Lexus IS led three months of work, is fully functional, can be conducted, and consists of 1,700 individual pieces of cardboard.

Lexus claims that the justification for this piece was simply to honor the craftsmen who work for the brand, to the work of manual labor that even in times of automation and robotics, still requires a luxury car .

But really we are facing a work of origami created by the Takumi , artisans working on the production lines of Lexus?


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The assembly work of the 1,700 pieces are made by hand themselves.

Apparently not. Those responsible for its creation have been members LASERCUT WORKS , Scales and Models, a company specialized in creating scale replicas company -. In this real case

think this car perfectly recreated to the smallest detail, consists of 1,700 individual pieces of cardboard . Each piece has been digitally recreated, to form a complex like this using cardboard sheets 10 mm structure. Numbered for later assembly, like a huge puzzle it were, itself produced entirely by hand pieces.

origami-lexus-is-07 The pieces, according to Lexus, joined using a special glue that takes ten minutes to solidify into an irreversible process. Remember that each piece has to join the rest with absolute precision. The process of creating this replica of a Lexus IS led to three months of work.


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Incredibly, has doors that can be opened and closed, fully functional headlights and rotatable wheels. It is even able to move! For his performance would have been fitted with a small electric motor, installed in a steel frame and aluminum which maintains the stability of the whole.

Source: Lexus
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