Video: Honda HR-V and craziest announcement about lucid dreams

know if this announcement Honda HR-V coming to Europe, which would grace. So far we know that Honda HR-V 2015 land in showrooms in a few months and, until then, and will be marketed outside our borders. In Australia have received the premiere of the new SUV Honda compact with really crazy announcement, with a dreamlike surrealism, at the same time fun, and even a talking dog!

Although it is a very common topic and a resource over-exploited by advertisers, the idea of ​​lucid dream is leaving really funny commercials.

The campaign uses one of the most used in advertising topical, the car we drive to promote their product, in our dreams. An announcement with details as ironic and curious as the book he is reading his protagonist, a guide on lucid dreams (wikipedia) for beginners. And apparently this man is gone out of hand implementing their ideas, either that or he has mixed medicines.

The Honda HR-V arrive in summer to become the best selling model Honda Spain, exceeding the figures of his bestseller CR-V.

In the coming months we should see as Honda does the same in Spain. Recall that Honda HR-V is the most important release of Japanese in recent years and, as we told you a few days ago, expectations are that the brand will become your model’s sold in Spain, which would mean selling more than 5,000 units per year.

And certainly we believe this product will be ready to get those figures. Consider that Honda HR-V will be significantly cheaper than the Honda CR-V great bestseller Honda Spain. And while, on the other hand, its trunk is smaller, promises to be among the larger, probably most, of its category.

Source: Honda Australia
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