Video: How are the turbo roundabouts? A design crazy roundabouts that makes a lot of sense

The turbo roundabouts have already arrived to Spain, and with them, the confusion of many drivers. The inauguration of a turbo roundabout in Santander has already generated controversy among drivers, especially among those who do not yet know which lane to take to reach your destination, and even among those who, in the face of doubt, they come to stand in full roundabout or exceed the continuous lines to make your output. In reality the turbo roundabouts respond to a traffic organization quite logic, that should not pose more problems. But what why is it so difficult to adapt to this new design of roundabouts? How has circulated in a turbo roundabout?

The turbo roundabouts come to respond to the need of a consensus on how they have taken correctly roundabouts, that is to say, about which lane we choose in function of the output that we want to take (see guide on how to drive in roundabouts). The turbo roundabouts are designed so that there is a logic specific to the hour to tackle a roundabout, that is to say, the driver has very clear what is your lane, and that the signaling through lines on the asphalt to prevent a wrong choice and insecure.

In this way, although we generate doubts and do not enjoy the understanding of all the drivers, the turbo roundabouts should get a better distribution of traffic and, what is more important, to reduce the risk of collisions.

In the background, a turbo-roundabout is a roundabout conventional, in which the lanes have been narrowed so there is no room for doubt about if we are to take the inside lane or the outside. This detail can be very good in the video we show above, created by The Huffington Post, which perfectly shows how to distribute the traffic in a turbo roundabout generated sobreimpresionando the solid lines in a roundabout conventional.

why the drivers are having so many doubts? we Can blame the lack of habit of find us roundabouts of this type in our country, coupled with the bad habit of knowing that – regardless of the lane you choose – roundabouts conventional allow us to get out of them, although for this purpose it is necessary to perform an inappropriate maneuver.

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