Video: how does the incredible engine without camshaft Koenigsegg?

Koenigsegg never ceases to amaze us. A year ago we knew the Koenigsegg Regera, a supercar irreverent, no gearbox, no cam, with 1,500 BHP of power and top technology, with technical solutions that were previously unknown. But beyond the incredible sport that we have used Christina von Koenigsegg, his work also has developed into one of the most important goals for the automotive industry, to improve the quality of the combustion and reduce the energy consumption and emissions. And it is precisely in this aspect in the engines without camshafts have a lot to offer.

Koenigsegg works closely with FreeValve, a company founded by Christian von Koenigsegg, to improve the technology of engines FreeValve and apply it in their upcoming products.

why is it so interesting an engine without a camshaft, the use? In 2010 was born Cargine Engineering AB and FreeValve, a project to experiment with engines in that the camshaft had been replaced by a valve train operated by a group of electro-pneumatic pressure. This solution offers a great advantage, able to independently control each valve, and operate them without relying on the rotation of the crankshaft.

In 2008, he even explored the possibility of incorporating this technology in the new projects of SAAB. The rest of the story you already know, the crisis made it that SAAB had to stop this, and many other projects that had been initiated by then. FreeValve AB, in the same group as Koenigsegg Automotive AB, is now considering its application in the sports of Koenigsegg. And that is the reason why this technology has already been implemented in the prototype Regera presented at the Geneva motor show last year.

In this video posted by FreeValve as we can get a slight idea of its operation.

This type of engines have already been used in competition, in order to allow them to achieve a revs really high, above 10,000 revolutions and to achieve optimal filling of the cylinders regardless of the mode of operation or the load of the propeller.

Its application in the street not only would be focused on the improvement of the performance, notary public especially to the low and medium regime, but also to improve the quality of the combustion, reduce emissions, , and to get the complementary treatment of these emissions to the exhaust outlet (for example NOx) to simplify.

Source: FreeValve
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