Video: how to destroy your Ford Focus RS against a wall by abusing the Drift Mode

The Ford Focus RS and its Drift Mode are an inseparable pair. Along very well, and this mode of driving is the perfect complement to the marked character of its engine and chassis. Basically, turns you into a sort of Ken Block with the sole aim of helping you to burning wheel, to skid and to have fun. On paper this is all wonderful, but the reality is different. The Drift Mode works wonders in a parking lot empty, in a fork of a mountain can mean the end of days to your Ford Focus RS just released.

Never, never, do a recklessness behind the wheel because others are watching and you want to impresionarles.

Happened in New Paltz, in the state of New York. A club of Ford Focus ST was on route, and one of its members had acquired a brand-new Ford Focus RS, which virtually would be premiering, since the deliveries in the U.S. have been slow even more than in Europe. The problem is that you have coupled the desire of your driver do a drift “Ken Block” with a dangerous ingredient: many viewers. Yes, that’s a skid had that fit well, make you feel a hero to the driver of the Focus RS. This is the theory.

The practice is that the car is opened up more of the account, maybe by applying too much gas or too little angle to the direction. The result is that the wall of the fork swooped down on the Ford Focus RS, lashing out with violence against his right side. Came to rise the car, and fall back violently on the asphalt. While the external damage does not seem serious, the curtain airbags were deployed and, possibly, the car has had structural damage. The violence of the impact has been great.

The Ford Focus RS are cars tremendously fun. But the Drift Mode can be treacherous if you do not have your operation very well calculated. When I tried it on the Circuit of Valencia, several cones were victims of a skid more open than I expected. Obviously, nothing happened because I was testing the Drift Mode in a huge parking lot with no obstacles. When is a wall that stands in the way of a skidding more open than expected… well, there is when you hit the laments.

Source: MotorMag

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